About Anamata - Vision and Mission
About Anamata - Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission




Anamata’s vision for the future is to be instrumental in the growth and development of Tūhoe, and yield dynamic people to serve this vision.

 We believe the ultimate purpose of Anamata is to generate Tuhoe culturally literate people dedicated to the continual well-being and prosperity of Tūhoe.  By working with Tribal Authorities and Te Uru Taumatua, we will endeavour to strengthen the core programmes of te reo and social wellbeing. With suggestions from these communities, we can make our programmes valuable for future generations.

Anamata is committed to meeting a uniquely Tūhoe Māori worldview by providing teachers excellent in the language who can engage their pupils in dialogue about all things Māori in the context of the past, present and future world.  When people lose a language, their connection with the past is lost and their identity is diminished. Fundamental to our success is developing internal processes to gain expertise and resources to undertake research collaborations and to build relationships with like-minded people and institutes.

Our vision is to have a professional organisation with moral objectives; to build the capability and capacity of Anamata governance, management and staff to deliver high standards and drive for better performance in education, and iwi and hapu development.  


Anamata’s mission recognizes that excellence in education is critical to grow skilled and knowledgeable leaders for the future.  We have a history of strong performance for Māori learners over many years; this has been achieved by being responsive to industry and community needs and adapting to change where necessary.  Anamata graduates return to their iwi, communities, and workplaces ready to support and spark positive change.

This mission establishes our aspiration and guides how we work towards contributing to the future of Ngāi Tūhoe. The mission is the bringing together of our operations, providing both a guide and a measure of accountability for all who are associated with this organisation. Anamata staff, both tutors and administrative share a common goal of the organisation, in that they demonstrate a commitment to Anamata through their actions. Staff are active in their communities, both at whanau, iwi level to being involved in professional communities.