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Emma Kutia

Emma Kutia

General Manager

Ko Maungapōhatu te maunga;

ko Mātaatua te waka;

ko Tātāhoata me Rahiri ngā marae;

ko Ngāi te Riu rāua ko Ngāti Rere ngā hapū;

ko Ngāi Tūhoe te Iwi;

Ko Te Hemanawa Emma Kutia ahau.

I am a graduate of the Anamata Suicide Intervention course delivered by Dr Candy Cookson-Cox and have benefited hugely from these learnings in my previous roles. I believe education to be a key component in ones' wellbeing, and am more than willing to promote this pathway for the benefit of my people. 

Te Hau Tutua

Te Hau Tutua

Finance Officer

Ko Te Hau Tūtua tōku īngoa. I'm the accountant here at Anamata and I’ve been part of the whānau for 10+ years. I have a background in financial management and reporting/ I am driven to see Maori succeed.

I fulfil a supportive role within the organization to help the Kaiako deliver quality education to the students and pupils of Anamata.

Kararaina Ponika

Kararaina Ponika

Academic Integrity Manager

Jasmin Savage

Jasmin Savage

Business Support Manager

Ko Putauaki te maunga
Ko Tarawera te awa
Ko Te Arawa te waka
Ko Hahuru te marae
Ko Tūwharetoa te iwi
Ko Ngai Tamarangi te hapu
No Kawerau ahau

I have been with Anamata coming up two years soon. I have had the privilege of studying with Anamata and completed the Dip in Kaupapa Māori Public Health - Whānau Violence L6 during 2021.

I bring with me experience in many office environments but what I gain from working here at Anamata; is so much more. 

I am not just apart of an organisation. I am apart of a whānau.

Herehere Te Papa

Herehere Te Papa

Business Support Officer

Ko Taiarahia te maunga

Ko Ohinemataroa te awa

Ko Mataatua te waka

Ko Toroa te tangata

Ko Te Totara te marae

Ko Te Urewera te hapu

Ko Tūhoe te iwi

I was born and raised in Rūātoki and whakapapa to Te Whakatohea on my dads side.

I am the oldest of 9 siblings & a mother to 4 beautiful daughters.

I love being surrounded by whānau and am most at peace on my marae and when I am camping up Te Urewera River.

In addition to all that, I am the Business Support Officer and first point of contact for Anamata.