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Our Team



Sandre Kruger

Sandre Kruger

Chief Executive Officer

Kararaina Ponika

Academic Integrity Co-ordinator

Sandy Hata

Programme Manager

Lyn Wood

Lyn Wood

Business and Recruitment Manager
I was born in Whakatane and after living in many other places in New Zealand, have ended up being drawn back home.

I came to Anamata after being at Te Piringa- Faculty of Law, University of Waikato for 15 years and learnt the value of education, and how it enhances a person's life.

I believe in Anamata and the passion they have for their students and the benefits for the Tuhoe people now and in the future.


Karakia Kruger

Enquiries and Administration Officer

Te Hau Tutua

Finance Officer

Ko Te Hau Tūtua tōku īngoa. I'm the accountant here at Anamata and I’ve been part of the whānau for 10+ years. I have a background in financial management and reporting/ I am driven to see Maori succeed.

I fulfil a supportive role within the organization to help the Kaiako deliver quality education to the students and pupils of Anamata.