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Social Services & health

As a Tūhoe education and training provider, Anamata shares the professional development aspirations of Māori health providers to build a strong health workforce that can provide quality services which are both relevant and effective.

Anamata has an effective role to play in providing training that is relevant, mobile and structured to meet the specific needs of Māori workforce while remaining committed to maintaining the unique belief systems, values and practices of tangata whenua and contributing to the development of whānau, hapū and iwi.  

Anamata has responded to the needs identified by stakeholders in the health and disability sector by developing iwi/Māori responses in collaboration with experts in the various areas.  Of particular emphasis has always been the need to upskill Māori in the workforce to better respond to the needs of Māori clients and patients. 

Anamata’s programmes focus on concepts of wellness from an iwi/Māori worldview with iwi/Māori values and approaches as the practice base.

PROgramme Pathway

Social Service & Health PROGRAMMES

NATIONAL Diploma in Counselling

This is an entry qualification, for persons new to counselling or existing professionals in the social service sector seeking secondary qualification. Students will gain knowledge and experience to support their professional practice as a counsellor.

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This Diploma is a professional health qualification, underpinned by Māori philosophy. It is designed as a learning progression qualification for people working in the health and disability sector, or who want to advance their knowledge with a secondary, specialist qualification.

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